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Gold Participation Account Gold Participation Account

Gold Participation Account

It is the type of account that allows savings to be made as gold, while at the same time providing a profit.

What is Gold Participation Account?

The Gold Participation Account provides account holders with the opportunity to both save and earn. It eliminates the risk of theft and loss as the gold is stored in your account with record.


The account is opened in Gram Gold.

The starting limit for the Gold Participation Account is 50 Grams.

Profit Share Return

Profit share amount is determined at the end of maturity.

How to Apply?

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From Branch

You can apply to open a Gold Participation Account at our nearest Vakıf Katılım Branch.

Nearest Branch
From Mobile Branch

You can apply to Open a Gold Participation Account from our mobile branch, which you can access easily and quickly.

Mobile Branch

You can open your Participation Account with a minimum of 50 grams

Gold participation accounts can be opened with a minimum maturity of 91 days.

In case the gold participation account falls below the minimum limit, the account is closed and the balance gold is transferred to the current account.

1 g of gold is traded with a net purity of 995/1000.

First, the balance is transferred to the Gold Current Account, and then the buying/selling transaction is made.

All deposits and participation funds, except those belonging to official institutions in the custody of credit institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are insured by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

Except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, the total balance of current and participation accounts up to TL 650.000 is covered by insurance.

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