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Our Collaborations

We work for you to develop banking solutions which can satisfy any and all needs and requirements of our SMEs.

About Our Collaborations

Organized Industries

As Vakıf Katılım, we collaborate with our Organized Industrial Zones which make a great contribution to our national economy with the value they create and which operate in 40 different sectors from manufacturing to export, from agriculture to livestock farming, from technology to defense industry and from furniture to automotive industry.

We support the members of Organized Industrial Zones with appropriate profit shares in order to enable them to access the financing opportunities they need in order to make investment, to use modern technology and to increase the competitive power and production efficiency domestic and international markets.

We are waiting for the members of Organized Industrial Zones at Vakıf Katılım Branches to benefit from special opportunities!

Chambers of Commerce and Industry / Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen

Within the scope of agreements with Chambers of Commerce and Industry, we continue our works without interruption and do our best to contribute to the national growth of our country with national values. With advantageous profit shares that we offer for SMEs who are members of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Chamber of Merchants and Craftsmen, we say “We have a good grasp (Vakıf) of your business, we stand by our SMEs”!

With appropriate maturities and advantageous profit shares, we support our chamber member SMEs who need workplace – vehicle financing and who will make machine/equipment/raw material investment.

We are waiting for the Chamber members at Vakıf Katılım Branches to benefit from special opportunities!

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