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Customer Communication Center

You can perform many banking transactions by calling the Vakıf Katılım Customer Communication Center at 0850 202 1 202 / 444 44 77 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, or by connecting to a customer representative in person via the Voice Response System.

Vakıf Katılım Customer Communication Center is always with you!

  • You can receive service from our Call Center in Turkish, English and Arabic.
  • You can specify services such as credit card, debit card, internet/mobile branch and Telephone Banking one-time password transactions with your phone keys without connecting to a customer representative, and you can easily perform transactions that can be done via the Voice Response System.

Customer Communication Center Security


  • In the security steps, your information registered in our Bank is verified. Therefore, make sure that your information is up to date. If your information is not up to date, please update it via our Branch.


  • Do not share your customer number and password that you use in Customer Communication Center transactions with anyone.
  • Do not choose the date of birth, phone number or successive information as a Mobile password so that it can be easily accessed by someone else.
  • Do not write your password anywhere, do not save it on a computer or browser.
  • Enter your password, which you will use when receiving service through the Customer Communication Center, by simply dialing it into the phone. If your passwords are requested verbally or in writing, do not give any information, and terminate your conversations immediately and inform our Bank about the issue.
  • No one other than you, not even your Vakıf Katılım Customer Representative, can know your telephone banking password, which ensures the confidentiality and security of your transactions.
  • If you are going to make calls from other people's phones or from devices in public areas, dial the number you are calling yourself and make sure you dial the number correctly. Please note that the passwords of the transactions you have dialed are not stored in the phone's memory after the conversations you have made.
  • All conversations you have with the customer representative are recorded and securely stored for security reasons.
  • Our bank never calls you and asks for your password. It does not want your security information to be shared verbally or in writing via e-mail or SMS message.

Exceptional Circumstances 

  • In Telephone Banking, only our individual person customers are served. Telephone Banking is not provided by letter of attorney. Accounts with letter of attorney can receive services from our branches.
  • In addition, our customers under the age of 18 cannot be provided with Telephone Banking services.
  • Our customers who want to open an account in our Bank for the first time can start a transaction via video call by providing remote access from our branches or via our mobile application with the option to Become Customer.

Services Offered

  • Learning account information
  • Receiving information about account activities
  • Account Iban inquiry / receiving information
  • Account name change
  • Linking account to card

  • To receive VKart (Debit Card) application,
  • To learn credit card application result

  • Participation accounts profit share details,
  • Exchange rate details,
  • Information about personal financing.

  • To pay credit card debt,
  • To learn credit card debt details,
  • To change account statement (cutoff) date,
  • To place credit card automatic payment order,
  • To link an account to credit card,
  • To block and renew card in the event of lost/stolen card,
  • To instruct the delivery of credit card statement via e-mail,
  • To make a limit decrease request.

  • To add blocked accounts
  • To open/close Participation Account,
  • To open a drawing account/to close additional account,
  • To view maturity, balance, account activity and statement details of participation account,
  • To view balance, account activity and statement details of current accounts.

  • Transfer to Account,
  • Transfer to IBAN,
  • Transfer to Name,
  • Transfer to Card,
  • Bulk money transfer,
  • Forex Transfer to Account,
  • Forex Transfer to IBAN,
  • Pre-ordered/Future-dated transfer/EFT to account.

  • Foreign Exchange Transaction
  • Precious Metal Transaction
  • Arbitrage

  • Bill Payment,
  • Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV),
  • Traffic Fine,
  • GSM TL Pop-up,
  • Personal Financing Payments,
  • SSI (SGK) Payments
  • SSPC (ÖSYM) Payments,
  • Directorate of Religious Affairs (DİYANET) Payments,
  • E-Tender Collection Transactions.

  • To place an automatic bill payment order,
  • To view and update automatic bill payment order.

  • To link an account,
  • To block and renew card in the event of lost/stolen card,
  • To increase/decrease cash withdrawal limit from ATM/POS at home and abroad,
  • To open/close the card to e-Commerce transactions.

  • Internet / Mobile Branch Account Authorizations,
  • Internet / Mobile Branch Menu Transaction Restriction,
  • To learn İnternet / Mobile Brach/Telephone Banking Transaction Limits,
  • To close Internet / Mobile Branch / Telephone Banking channels.

  • To get information and guidance about password transactions.

  • POS Transaction Details,
  • POS Turnover Limit Increasing Transactions (out of working hours.

  • To report a complaint, suggestion, demand etc.,
  • To get information about personal financing,
  • To get information about exchange rates, participation accounts, profit share rates,
  • To get information about account opening and banking services,
  • To get information about branch address and telephone number details.

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