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Dowry Account

Save now with Vakıf Katılım and set up your happy home with state support!

What is Dowry Account?

It is an account that provides both Vakıf Katılım's profit share and the opportunity to save up to 25% with government support, in case you get married before you turn 27 by making regular savings for 3 years with the Dowry Account.


It is a Long Term Participation Account

It can be opened with a minimum maturity of 3 years.

It is an Account with State Contribution.

There is 25% government support.

State Contribution Rates

Regular Payment Period Contribution Rate Maximum State Contribution
Less than 36 months 0% 0 TL
36-47 months 20% 26.396,33 TL
48-59 months 22% 30.457,28 TL
60 months and above 25% 36.548,75 TL

*The minimum and maximum amounts of contributions to be paid and the state contribution earned change annually.

Turkish citizens who have not completed the age of 24 and have never been married can open a dowry account.

It can be opened by a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18.

The dowry account is opened in TL with a minimum maturity of 3 years and deserves a profit share every year.

The dowry account is an account type that provides a high profit share with a profit sharing ratio of 95/5.

Payment periods can be monthly or quarterly.

Payments are minimum 282,83 TL, maximum 2.828,34 TL per month, and minimum 848,50 TL and maximum 8.485,06 TL in 3-month period.

Minimum and maximum limits and state contribution amounts are increased each year by the revaluation increase rate determined by the Ministry of Finance in relation to the previous year.

In accounts with monthly payments, you have the right to delay your regular payments maximum 3 times during 1 year, and in accounts with 3-month payments, you have the right to delay your regular payments once for 1 year.

A maximum of two withdrawals per year are allowed.

It cannot be opened as a joint account.

More than one dowry account cannot be opened.

Dowry Account Transfer is not possible.

Making regular payments to the account for a minimum of three years before the date of marriage, making the first marriage before the age of 27, and the savings on the date of marriage are taken into account in the calculation of the State contribution.

Those who are entitled to the state contribution must apply to our bank within 6 months from the date of marriage with an international family certificate and a document to be obtained from the District Registry Offices in accordance with Article 44 of the Civil Registry Services Law No. 5490.

On the opening date of the account, up to 94.578,50 TL can be deposited for one time only.

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