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E-Collection (CBRT Accounting) Payments E-Collection (CBRT Accounting) Payments

E-Collection (CBRT Accounting) Payments

Accounting (E-Collection) Payments are at Vakıf Katılım, e-collection infrastructure payments can be made through our bank.

What are E-Collection Payments?

Payment types for public collections mediated by our bank are expanding under the "TR Ministry of Treasury and Finance General Directorate of Public Accounts" and new payment types are added to the system as they become available.

Currently, you can easily make the following payment types through all Vakıf Katılım branches, Internet Branch and Mobile Branch.

The types included in the payment type made under the name of E-Collection Payments are as follows:

  • Zoning Peace
  • Paid Military Service
  • Fine for Clone Device Amnesty and Permanent International Roaming of Data
  • National Estate Lodging Sale
  • Fee of the building registration certificate obtained from the Sale of Lands and Plots Owned by the Treasury
  • EGM traffic administrative fine related to Vehicles with Foreign License Plate
  • TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism Optional Registration and Certificate Transactions of General Directorate of Copyrights
  • TR Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Value Increment Share
  • TR Ministry of Interior Administrative Fines Imposed by the Misdemeanors Law

What is Zoning Peace?

  • It is the solution of the zoning problems of our citizens with the building registration certificate to be given to the buildings that are contrary to the zoning legislation or license.

Why was Zoning Peace Needed?

  • It is known that there are more than 50% of the structures contrary to zoning in our country. This corresponds to approximately 13 million independent units. In these structures, mostly low-income citizens live. With the legal regulation, it is aimed to ensure the zoning peace in our country. The majority of the existing contradictions in the structures are due to the constructions between the years 1950-2000. Problems arising between citizens and municipalities due to zoning lead to the accumulation of files in courts that cannot be overcome. In addition, municipalities cannot carry out the demolition process for many reasons regarding structures that are contrary to zoning. Due to these conflicts, citizens are unable to provide water, electricity and natural gas connections to their homes or they use them illegally. Houses or workplaces do not have an economic value. Factory and residential buildings cannot be shown as mortgages or collateral in commercial markets.

Which Structures Will Benefit from the Zoning Peace?

  • Note: All structures in rural and urban areas that were built without a license or in violation of the license annexes before 31 December 2017 are within the scope of the Zoning Peace.
  • Only the Bosphorus Coastline and the projection area, Sultanahmet and Suleymaniye surroundings of Istanbul Historic Peninsula and the places determined in the Gallipoli Historical Area are excluded from this scope. In addition, a building registration certificate cannot be issued for structures built on immovables belonging to someone else and for structures on land allocated for social reinforcement that belong to the treasury.

Will There Be a Transition to Condominium Ownership within the Scope of Zoning Peace?

  • In the structures where the condominium ownership cannot be established due to the fact that the certificate of occupancy cannot be obtained, after the building registration certificate is obtained, a land use conversion and condominium ownership may be established under the following conditions. After obtaining the building registration certificate, provided that all the owners consent and the areas corresponding to the places reserved for public service, if any, are abandoned, a land use conversion and condominium ownership may be established in the title deed without seeking a building occupancy permit. In other words, for the establishment of condominium ownership, all the owners must agree and areas such as roads, green areas and parks must be abandoned in the zoning plan. In this case, another price will be paid as much as the price stated as the building registration certificate price before. As a result of these transactions, the purchase and sale transactions of the buildings that have been transferred to the condominium ownership will be legalized and the tax losses will be prevented as the property tax collected from an attribute of land will be started to be collected from an attribute of building. Since construction servitude and condominium ownership have been established, the building will be able to be taken into consideration in collateral, mortgage or all kinds of banking transactions.

Status of the Structures on the Treasury Property

  • Building registration certificates may also be issued to structures on the treasury property. Owners on the treasury property will be able to apply to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to purchase the land on which the building is located, after obtaining the building registration certificate, and can purchase the land they have been using for years at the fair market price.

What are the Benefits of Zoning Peace?

  • Electricity, water and natural gas will be able to be connected to structures that benefit from the Zoning Peace and have a building registration certificate.
  • For buildings that have a Building Registration Certificate, the fear of collapse will end. However, in terms of seismicity, the owners will take all kinds of precautions that should be taken in the structures.
  • Demolition decisions taken in accordance with the Zoning Law and fines that cannot be collected will be cancelled.
  • Building registrants will be able to show their property as an economic value.

How Will Applications Be Made?

  • The application of the citizens with their own consent and their own declaration will be taken as the basis. Applications will be made through the e-government system or by applying to institutions authorized by the Ministry. Applications will be able to be tracked through the e-government system. Provincial Directorates for Environment and Urbanization will provide all kinds of information and support to our citizens in this regard.

How Will the Building Registration Certificate Fee Be Calculated?

  • The application fee for the building registration certificate will be calculated as 3% for residences and 5% for commercial uses over the total of the land real estate value and the approximate cost of the structure.

Where Will The Revenue Be Used?

  • Revenues from the building registration certificate will be recorded as revenue in the budget to be used in preparation for earthquake and disaster risks and in urban transformation works. In this context, zero-interest loans will be provided to municipalities carrying out urban transformation works if they prefer 100% domestic construction materials.

Can a Structure with a Building Registration Certificate Be Renewed?

  • The building registration document to be obtained will be valid until the reconstruction of the structure or the urban transformation application. In case of renewal of structures for which a building registration certificate is issued, the provisions of the zoning legislation in force are applied and the issued building registration certificate does not provide any vested rights in terms of zoning, and does not constitute an acquis.

What is Paid Military Service?

Paid military service is an application that is implemented at intervals and as an alternative to compulsory military service, based on the logic of paying a cash price in return for a shortening of time. The grounds on which the practice is based are the material needs of the army and the state, and individuals not losing their jobs. It was decided by the Constitutional Court that the practice did not violate the principle of equality.

After the approval of the articles titled "enforcement" and "execution" of the Conscription Law Proposal in the General Assembly of the TGNA on Tuesday, June 25, and with their publication in the Official Gazette dated 26 June 2019 and numbered 30813, the "Paid Military Service" became permanent in Turkey.

According to Article 9 of the relevant Law, “Among those willing, the number of obliged parties to be determined by the Ministry, taking into account the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, shall be deemed to have fulfilled their military service if they pay in advance the amount to be found by multiplying the indicator number of 240.000 with the salary coefficient of the civil servants within a period to be determined by the Ministry before they are recruited, and if they complete one-month basic military training”.

How Much is Paid Military Service in 2021?

  • The military service fee in 2021 was determined as 39 thousand 788.64 Turkish Liras, and the military service fee in foreign currency was determined as 4 thousand 402.27 Euros. Every year, 145 thousand people who want to pay this price will be able to benefit from the opportunity within the scope of the subject.
  • However, the price will be paid in cash within the period to be determined by the Ministry before being recruited. In the event that the number of those willing is more than the number of those who will benefit from the paid military service, those who are willing to pay the price will be selected by lot, and in case of low demand, all of those willing will be selected for paid military service without drawing lots. Those who meet the eligibility conditions will be subject to selection as long as their legal right to postponement continues.

How to Apply for Paid Military Service?

  • Persons who want to benefit from the paid military service option will log in to e-Government with their TR identity numbers and passwords. Then, by typing the Ministry of National Defense in the search section, they will be able to reach all the services of the MoND. Those who click on the "PRINCIPAL military service preference procedures" tab from the relevant services will then see the following page. People who choose the "Request to do paid military service" feature on this page will be able to deposit their money later.

How to register?

TR ID No, Name and Surname, Date of Birth and IMEI are inquired on CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register)

If TR ID No or Name-Surname-Date of Birth information are matched or found in 7186-24-Klon_List, CEIR shows the relevant IMEI-MSISDN pairs.

The user selects either of them.

The Customer is informed about the obligation to pay 250 TL to the relevant account of Directorate General of Public Accounts using TR ID No-IMEI number information. Directorate General of Public Accounts offers the opportunity to make double payment using TR ID No-IMEI number pair through a new tax type.

The user enters/selects the receipt number.

Receipt number-TR ID No-IMEI Number are checked from Directorate General of Public Accounts. If consistent, the receipt number is recorded in CEIR and such receipt number cannot be used again. CEIR receives the IMEI-MSISDN pair (with 7186-24-KlonKayıtHakkı code) into EBL.

eDK Romaer Registry

The user is asked to enter IMEI (15) information.

If the IMEI number is found in 7186-24-Roamer_List, CEIR requests a domestic registered MSISDN on behalf of the eDK user.

“As per 7186-24, enter a line number registered to your name and received from the operators of the country where the device will be used”

The Customer is informed about the obligation to pay 250 TL to the relevant account of Directorate General of Public Accounts using TR ID No-IMEI number information.

The user enters/selects the receipt number.

Receipt number-TR ID No-IMEI Number are checked from Directorate General of Public Accounts. If consistent, the receipt number is recorded in CEIR and such receipt number cannot be used again. CEIR receives the IMEI-yerliMSISDN pair (with 7186-24-RoamerKayıtHakkı code) into EBL.

How is the sale process carried out?

  • Details are available at the relevant

Can I apply for financing from the bank for this transaction?

  • Yes, our bank offers financing at special rates for the National Estate Lodging sale.

Like the Zoning Peace, do we make the payment of this service for the building registration certificate?

  • Yes, this type of payment is for obtaining a building registration certificate, just like zoning peace.

While we pay with TRIN in other payment types, how do we pay here?

  • In this type of payment, payment is made with a foreign license plate number.

With what value can I pay in this type of payment?

  • Inquiry and payment transactions can be made with TRIN.

With what value can I pay in this type of payment?

  • The amount of value increment to be collected in accordance with the Zoning Law, which is the general budget revenue of the TR Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, can be made in the form of inquiry and payment with TRIN.

Are mask, social distance, etc. fines within this scope?

  • Administrative fines related to Covid, such as mask and social distance, imposed by the Ministry of Interior units within the scope of the Misdemeanor Law, are included in the scope of e-collection. You can make the payment by querying with your TRIN.

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