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e-Procurement Payments e-Procurement Payments

e-Procurement Payments

e-Procurement Payments are at Vakıf Katılım.

What is its Content?

The "guarantee amount payments" received by the Ministry of Trade - General Directorate of Liquidation for the sale of the goods remaining in the customs via the website with free registration, are made through Vakıf Katılım.

What is the purpose of electronic procurement (e-procurement)?

Pursuant to the Customs Law No. 4458 and the Anti-Smuggling Law No. 5607, it is aimed to increase the competition with the number of people participating in the sales by carrying the sales of liquidated goods to the electronic environment and thereby increasing the revenues obtained from the liquidated goods.

You can access to e-Tender system from website or from e-Tender application to be installed on Android and IOS based tablet PCs and mobile phones. Furthermore, it is possible to access to e-Tender application over e-State application.

  • The procurement guarantee amount is 10% of the sale price. The maximum guarantee amount cannot be more than 100.000 TL.
  • Example: The guarantee amount for a vehicle that goes on sale for 50.000 TL is 5.000 TL. In the tenders with a sales price of 1.000.000 TL or more, the maximum guarantee amount will be 100.000 TL.

  • You can pay the guarantees and sale prices to be used on the system by the members via Vakıf Katılım branches or via the internet and mobile branch applications.
  • For more information click  on website.

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