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Pension Payments Pension Payments

Pension Payments

If you are retired from SSK, Retirement Fund and Bagkur, you can withdraw your pension from our branches and ATMs with the privileges of Vakıf Katılım.

Vakıf Katılım Privileges

  • No account maintenance fee
  • Internet / Mobile Branch and Telephone Banking Eft, Remittance, Invoice payments free of charge
  • Benefiting from safe-deposit box services at affordable prices
  • Money withdrawal, deposit and balance inquiries from more than 20 thousand public banks and PTT ATMs free of charge

  • If you are retiring from the Retirement Fund, you can specify your bank preference as Vakıf Katılım for salary and bonus payments in the retirement petition you submit to the institution you work for.
  • If you are retiring from SSI or Bagkur, you can specify the bank preference to which your salary will be deposited as Vakıf Katılım in the Allocation Request and Declaration Commitment Document that you will fill out when applying for retirement via e-government or SSI Provincial/District Directorates.

  • By applying to the nearest Vakıf Katılım Branch,
  • By applying to the affiliated SSI Provincial Directorate,
  • By changing the e-Government password to be obtained from the PTT at 

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With Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch, you can carry out many banking transactions from your mobile devices with Android, İOS and Huawei operating systems in a fast and safe manner.

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