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Virtual Card

With Virtual Card, your card is secure in internet shopping.

What is Virtual Card?

It is a virtual card that you can create with connection to VCard and VCard Business and is not physically printed. The virtual card allows you to make your expenses more securely via the internet and mail order. Thus, by not using your physical card, theft and malicious use are prevented. After determining the virtual card limit, the amount of shopping you will do will be deducted from the virtual card limit you set. You can close your virtual card from the Internet Branch or Mobile Branch, or you can prevent its use by revising your limit to the minimum amount instead of closing it. Then you can continue your shopping by updating your limit according to your needs. Your virtual card expenditures are added to the statement of your main card on the cut-off date. In the Internet Branch or Mobile Branch, you can see all the information such as current term expenditures you have made with your virtual card, your pending transactions, the information of original card it is connected to, the limit and available limit information, the account cut-off date, the statement, the security code and the expiration date.


Create your own card

You can create your virtual card via our Internet Branch or Mobile Branch. Your virtual card limit will be determined as 1 TL for the first time.

Limit Setting

You can limit your virtual card as you wish before shopping. The amount you set will be transferred from the limit of the original card to the virtual card you created.

Limit Update

You can easily perform limit update transactions via our Internet Branch or Mobile Branch.

Domestic and International Use

You can open or close your virtual card with a single click for your purchases via internet, telephone or e-mail, both domestically and abroad.

10 Cards a Year

You can create up to 10 virtual cards per year.

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