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Ease of shopping with BKM Express is at Vakıf Katılım

What is BKM Express Content?

It is a payment system that allows you to do your shopping quickly, easily, securely and without paying any additional fees, without sharing your card information with businesses while making payments using e-commerce and cash register. By defining your Vakıf Katılım VCard, VCard Debit and VCard Business cards once, you can easily do your shopping with the Pay with BKM Express option, without sharing card information and password, and benefit from BKM Express campaigns.

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Instant Membership

Becoming a member of BKM Express and adding a card is done instantly.


BKM Express does not ask for your full card number when adding your card. Your card information is stored in the most secure way.


Membership and use of BKM Express application is free of charge.

Internet Shopping

You can do your shopping without giving your card information.


You can benefit from many campaigns with BKM Express.

If you are using one of Vakıf Katılım card products, you can become a member quickly and easily without paying any fees via the BKM Express application or

After becoming a BKM Express member, you can add any card you wish with the help of "Add Card" via or BKM Express mobile application.

You can do shopping from any workplace that accepts payment with BKM Express. You can make your payment by choosing the "BKM Express Pay" option at the time of payment and logging into the application with your BKM Express user name and password. If you are not a BKM Express member, you can become a member by defining your e-mail address and password at this step.

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With Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch, you can carry out many banking transactions from your mobile devices with Android, İOS and Huawei operating systems in a fast and safe manner.

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