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Housing Account

Save at Vakıf Katılım, get the opportunity to own a house with both a profit share and a state contribution of up to 20%!

What is a Housing Account?

Housing account is a participation account that provides state support for our customers who want to be homeowners for the first time, provided that they make regular payments for at least 3 years.

What is its Content?

Who can benefit from the housing account?

  • As of 07/04/2015, Turkish citizens who do not own a residence, completely registered in their own name, can have it opened.
  • It can be opened by a parent or guardian for those under the age of 18.

What are the residences subject to state subsidy?

  • Residences with condominium title deeds,
  • Residences with a construction servitude title deed and a building occupancy permit,
  • Detached immovables with a residential building occupancy permit.

What are the conditions for entitlement to the state subsidy in the housing account?

  • Being a Turkish citizen.
  • As of 07/04/2015, not having a residence, completely registered in their own name,
  • Making payment as specified for a minimum of 3 years,
  • In the calculation of the state contribution, the savings on the housing acquisition date is taken as a basis.


It is a Long Term Participation Account

It can be opened with a minimum maturity of 3 years.

It is an Account with State Contribution.

There is 20% state support.

State Contribution Rates

Regular Payment Period Contribution Rate Maximum State Contribution
Less than 36 months 0%
36-47 months 15% 81.968,00 TL
48-59 months 18% 88.273,23 TL
60 months and above 20% 94.578,45 TL

*The minimum and maximum amounts of contributions to be paid and state contribution earned are valid for 2022, and these amounts will increase at the rate of revaluation increase each year.

The housing account is opened in TL with a minimum maturity of 3 years and receives a profit share every year.

Housing account is a type of account that provides a high profit share with a profit sharing ratio of 95/5.

Payment periods can be monthly or quarterly.

Payments are minimum 1.576,31 TL, maximum 15.763,15 TL per month, and minimum 4.728,94 TL and maximum 47.289,47 TL in 3-month period.

Minimum and maximum limits and state contribution amounts are increased each year by the revaluation increase rate determined by the Ministry of Finance in relation to the previous year.

There is the right to delay the payment of maximum 3 times during a year for accounts with monthly payments, and to delay the payment maximum 1 time during a year for accounts with 3-month payments.

A maximum of two withdrawals per year are allowed

It cannot be opened as a joint account.

More than one housing account cannot be opened.

Housing Account Transfer is not possible.

You can deposit an amount up to 189.156,45 TL for once only on the account opening date.

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