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Traffic Insurance

Take out your Vakıf Katılım Traffic Insurance, which is a liability policy rather than a necessity, and you will not be in a difficult situation in traffic.

What is Traffic Insurance?

It is the financial liability insurance that covers the damages caused to third parties during the operation of the motor vehicle and is obligatory according to the Highway Traffic Law No. 2918.

Insurance Coverage

  • In case of causing an accident, material damage, including the loss of value of the vehicle you damaged, and bodily damage to a third party,
  • Damages to third-party goods caused by your vehicle,
  • First aid, examination, treatment and hospital expenses of the people in the other vehicle and permanent disability compensation in case of a possible disability,
  • Compensation for deprivation of support for those deprived of the deceased's assistance, together with burial costs, if your vehicle causes the death of a person.

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