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Comprehensive Insurance

Protect your vehicle against environmental factors beyond your control, such as accident, theft, terrorism, fire and earthquake, with your Vakıf Katılım Comprehensive Insurance policy.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

The comprehensive insurance policy guarantees the material damages that the participant's vehicle specified in the policy will incur directly as a result of the realization of the following risks.

Insurance Coverage

  • Material damages resulting from impact, collision, overturning, burning, malicious acts of third parties, attempted theft of the vehicle or its parts
  • Material damage during towing the vehicle
  • Material damages in cases such as earthquake, flood, submersion, terrorism
  • Maintaining the value of your new vehicle at the current dealer sale price during the policy period
  • Compensation at market value in case of theft or pert (complete damage) of the vehicle
  • Fixing the market value of the vehicle against the part changes in your vehicle
  • New key costs in case of key loss or theft
  • In cases where the compulsory traffic insurance limit is insufficient, increasing the optional liability limit with the additional limit
  • Towing and rental vehicle services
  • Legal expenses that may occur as a result of the accident
  • Free repair at contracted services within the scope of "Mini Repair Services" for minor damages that may occur

Click here to access the general conditions of comprehensive insurance.

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