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Housing Insurance

You can insure the house you live in against all risks with Vakıf Katılım Housing Insurance, and you can benefit from many assistance services.

What is Housing Insurance?

It is a type of insurance that secures the insured house against fire, earthquake, flood, submersion, hail, theft, glass breakage and many other possible risks, depending on the coverage.

Policy Coverages: Fire, Theft, Earthquake, Terror, Flood-Submersion, Neighbor/Tenant Liability, 3rd Party Liability, Personal Accident, Glass Breakage, Assistance Services, Decoration, Storm, Hail, Damages Caused By Lack of Insulation, Protection Against Inflation

Insurance Coverage

  • It covers your financial damage against possible risks such as fire, earthquake, flood, submersion, hail, theft, glass breakage and many more that your house may be subject to.
  • It covers your residence change costs in order to continue your life after the damage.
  • By adding property coverage to your insurance, you can protect your belongings against all risks, including theft.
  • It covers the damages you will cause to your neighbor due to the risks in your home.
  • It secures your responsibilities to your tenant if you are a property owner, and to the landlord if you are a tenant.
  • It guarantees that you will receive rent if you are the owner of the property, and that you will pay the rent if you are a tenant.
  • With the housing assistance services provided by expert teams, you can receive a return above the worth of premium that you have paid for the insurance.

Home Assistance Services

  • Installation services (water and electricity)
  • Glass repair services
  • Locksmith services
  • Ambulance and home physician examination services
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Sofa and Carpet Washing
  • Boiler and Air Conditioner Maintenance
  • Click here to access the general conditions of fire insurance.

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