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Property Insurance

Take out your Vakıf Katılım Property Insurance, which eliminates all risks such as flooding, theft, fire, earthquake, breakage, deterioration that your belongings will be exposed to, and be comfortable.

What is Property Insurance?

Whether you are a home owner or renter, it is a type of insurance that insures all kinds of your belongings, including electronic devices, in your home against fire, earthquake, flood, flood, theft, electronic device, glass breakage and many other possible risks.

Insurance Coverage

  • It covers the financial damage to your belongings against possible risks such as fire, earthquake, flood, submersion, theft, electronic device, glass breakage and many more.
  • It covers the damages you may cause to your neighbor due to the risks in your home.
  • It secures your responsibilities to your tenant if you are a property owner, and to the landlord if you are a tenant.
  • It guarantees that you will receive rent if you are the owner of the property, and that you will pay the rent if you are a tenant.
  • With the housing assistance services provided by expert teams, you can receive a return above the worth of premium that you have paid for the insurance policy.
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