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Private Health Insurance

With Vakıf Katılım Private Health Insurance, you can find treatment opportunities in all private hospitals.

What is Private Health Insurance?

It is a type of insurance that undertakes to cover the health expenses of the participants that may occur as a result of illness or accident and allows them to be treated in the private health institution of their choice.

What is its Content?

  • Private health insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage against medical aid, treatment and drug expenditures of individuals. All expenses of the insured, such as surgery, long or short-term treatments, surgery or medication related to treatment, are covered in full or with exemption, with a maximum limits, provided that the medical consultants of the insurance companies approve. Although there are differences in the practices of insurance companies, periodic health checks without any medical reason, and similar expenses are generally excluded from the coverage.
  • Private Health Insurances have two main coverages. These are “Inpatient Treatment Coverage” and “Outpatient Treatment Coverage”.
  • The Inpatient Treatment Coverage covers the expenses incurred during the hospitalization period of the insured for doctor, operating room, assistant, anesthesia, other necessary and compulsory medical services during the hospitalization period, intensive care and ambulance expenses for inpatient treatments with or without surgery.
  • Outpatient Treatment Coverage covers doctor's examination, diagnostic methods (such as MRI, tomography and laboratory tests), outpatient treatments for minor interventions and medication expenses.
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