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Housing Finance

With the housing finance support offered by Vakıf Katılım, you can reach the house of your dreams or take advantage of investment opportunities.

What is Housing Finance?

Housing finance is a type of financing that is provided to those who want to own a house, in return for a mortgage to be established on the house, and facilitates the purchase of houses by consumers.

What is its Content?

Documents Required for Application

  • Application form
  • Copy of identity card, driver's license or passport
  • Income certificate according to the person's employment status
  • Other documents that may be requested by the branch
  • Photocopy of title deed of the house subject to financing
  • If necessary, a copy of any of the fixed telephone, electricity, water or natural gas invoices registered in the name of the customer, up to two months ago
  • Documents to be requested for guarantors, if deemed necessary


Repayment Opportunity with Long Term Option

There is a flexible maturity option up to 120 months.

Profit share rate opportunity suitable for your budget

Calculation according to maturity and solvency

You can make your installment payments in the periods and amounts you specify.

You can collect your installments before their maturity date.

Our New and Used Housing Finance Rates

Financing Amount Maturity Profit Rate Allocation Fee Annual Cost Rate
100.000 TRY 12 month %2,96 500 TL %74.8332
100.000 TRY 24 month %2,96 500 TL %63.1853
100.000 TRY 36 month %2,96 500 TL %59.3608
100.000 TRY 48 month %2,96 500 TL %57.5099
100.000 TRY 60 month %2,96 500 TL %56.4511
100.000 TRY 120 month %2,96 500 TL %54.7007

*Annual cost rates indicated in the table are calculated for unused and second hand houses over TRY 100.000 and TRY 1.500.000 as an example. Allocation Fee is 0,5% of the financing amount. Appraisement fee is calculated as TRY 1.100. It may vary by location. Mortgage Placement Fee is calculated as TRY 108,24. Also, an additional fee up to the actual cost is received in appraisement and mortgage placement transactions.

Since Home and DASK (TCIP) Insurance fees may vary by location and size of the house, they cannot be included in the annual cost rate calculation. The Bank is entitled to freely evaluate the financing applications, to ask for guarantor/surety and additional documents and to reject the ineligible applications.

In housing financing applications, appraisal is requested from contracted companies in order to determine the value of the housing. The appraisal fee is the cost of the service provided by the appraiser. The appraisal fee is collected from our customers who apply for Housing Finance.

According to the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on Housing Finance Agreements, if the consumer who has used housing finance pays the full amount or one or more installments before the maturity date, early payment compensation is requested. The early payment indemnity rate is 1% for the financings with a remaining maturity not exceeding 36 months, and 2% for the financings with a remaining maturity exceeding 36 months.

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