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Get Findex Package for your financial health and see what you can’t see with Findex…

What is the Findex Package?

Thanks to Findex packages which offers you to efficiently manage your risks while carrying out your business operations, you can learn financial status of the parties who are in your relationship network in banks and other financial institutions.

You can buy your Findex membership package from our branches, via Internet or Mobile Branch using your account or Vakıf Katılım’s credit card.

Please watch the introductory film below about Findex corporate products.

What is the content of Fixden Packages?

Check Report

You can have knowledge about check payment behaviors of the persons or institutions that you will establish a commercial cooperation and can make your financial decisions considering the historical data.

What you can learn with this products:

  • QR Code Check score
  • Check Index
  • Status according to Turkey’s average
  • Total number and amount of checks
  • Total check status
  • Check amounts drawn
  • Blank check information
  • Post-date check information
  • Banks with check account
  • Endorsed checks
  • 1, 3, 6 and 12-month check details summary

To view your own reports

You can inquire your own checks using check report feature.

To view other’s report:

You can inquire the checks of the parties that you have commercial relations using check report packages.

QR Code Check Report

Thanks to Findex QR Code Check Report, you can view more comprehensive information about the check and drawer. You don’t need to get any consent from the drawer to receive QR Code Check Report.

What you can learn with this product:

  • QR Code Check score
  • Information on check and drawer
  • Drawer’s check index
  • First and last submission dates of the checks
  • You can easily view total numbers and amounts of Paid Checks, Dishonored and Paid Checks, Dishonored and Unpaid Checks within 12 months and 5 years.

How to use?

Using any of the QR Code Check report packages, you can inquire QR Code checks of the parties that you have commercial relationship.

Letter of Guarantee Status Inquiry

In verifies the validity of the letters of guarantee that you receive from domestic companies.

What you can learn with this product:

  • Applicant
  • Beneficiary
  • Maturity details
  • Maturity date
  • Date of issue
  • Original amount of the letter
  • Balance of the letter
  • Bank name
  • Branch name
  • Inquiry date

How to use?

Using Letter of Guarantee Status Inquiry packages, you can inquire the validity of the letters of guarantee submitted to your company.

Findex Credit Rating

It is a rating calculated based on payment habits, indebtedness status, new loan products and loan usage intensity of the individuals. As Findex credit rating proceeds from 1 to 1900, risk level decreases.

How to calculate Fixdex Credit rating?

Findex credit rating is calculated by the factors below:

%35 loan product payment habits

%35 current account and indebtedness status

%11 new loan product openings

%10 loan usage intensity

%9 Other

To view your own credit rating:

You can track your Findex credit rating score for 12 months by purchasing any of our Gold or Premium packages.

Findex Risk Report

It is the report in which you can view the credit, credit card and credit deposit accounts at banks, view the total debt and limit details at banks and track payment habits and behaviors.

What you can learn with this product?

You can find all the information below in Findex risk report:

  • Findex credit rating
  • Credit rating changes
  • Comparison of the credit note by Turkey’s average
  • Number of loan products and types of such products
  • Total limit and debt details of the loan products at all banks
  • Open/Closed status of all loan products
  • Past payment performance in loan products

The payment performance for the last 18 months of the policyholder can be viewed in risk report.

Other Person’s Risk Report

Findex risk report is the report in which you can view the credit, credit card and credit deposit accounts of the individuals and institutions at banks, view the total debt and limit details at banks and track payment habits and behaviors. By purchasing Findex risk report, you can have knowledge about the payment performance of your customers in loan products and about their loan product intensities while you carry out your business operations.

Third Party Risk Report Approval Process

To request third party’s risk report, you must login i-Branch or Mobile Branch and enter Tax ID No/TR ID No in third party risk report section. Approval of such person is requested via SMS. Such person enters “Year of Approval Birth” and gives his/her consent to report generation. In case of such consent, you can securely make your own business decisions thanks to such financial performance reports.

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