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Salary Payments Salary Payments

Salary Payments

Thanks to the latest technological solutions, you can make and track your salary payments in a secured manner.

What is the content of Salary Payments?

You can make your salary payments and benefit from Vakıf Katılım privileges in a secured manner through our Branches and Internet Branch thanks to its entrant and approver structure.

Privileges offered by Vakıf Katılım;

  • No account maintenance fee
  • Remittance /EFT and FAST transactions are free at our Internet / Mobile Branch
  • Affordable Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Cash withdrawal, deposit, balance inquiry and many other transactions are free of charge from more than 20 thousand state bank ATMs

You can visit the nearest branch to you to make all account opening transactions.

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Download Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch Now!

With Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch, you can carry out many banking transactions from your mobile devices with Android, İOS and Huawei operating systems in a fast and safe manner.

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