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Balance Monitoring (Account Activities) Web Service Balance Monitoring (Account Activities) Web Service

Balance Monitoring (Account Activities) Web Service

Integrate the balance monitoring service into your accounting and ERP program, making it easier to track your account activities.

What is its Content?

Accounting and ERP programs used by SMEs, commercial and corporate customers have become systems where companies carry out many operations more efficiently in less time.

With our balance monitoring web service, our customers can easily access the account balance, account activities and account details with the service provided to accounting and ERP software companies, and can make automatic accounting of these records with the help of the accounting/ERP program.

Systemic definitions are required to use our balance monitoring web service. For definitions, you can visit the nearest Vakıf Katılım Branch.

Balance monitoring web service is provided to our customers using SAP, Logo, Mikro, Zirve, Paraşüt, Uyumsoft, Bulut Tahsilat.

In line with the demands of our customers, necessary definitions can be made as soon as possible with other accounting and ERP software that are not on the list, and integration can be achieved.

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