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Turkish Red Crescent Rental Payments Turkish Red Crescent Rental Payments

Turkish Red Crescent Rental Payments

Pay your rentals through Vakıf Katılım and make use of special opportunities for you.

What is its Content?

Having brought the foundation culture together with the principles of interest-free finance, Vakıf Katılım aims to carry out its operations within the framework of being beneficial for the entire society in line with its mission. Within this scope, we mediate the rental payments of the real estates under the responsibility of Turkish Red Crescent Society which has a mission to provide aid and assistance to needy and unprotected people, to enhance the solidarity and cooperation in the society, to provide safe blood supply and decrease vulnerability.

You can make Turkish Red Crescent Society rental payments from our Branches, Internet Branch, Mobile Branch and ATMs, give regular payment orders and make use of advantages and opportunities special for you.

Through Vakıf Katılım Internet Branch and Mobile Branch, you can make Remittance / EFT / FAST and many other financial transactions free of charge, check your account activities and make bill payments to contracted institutions.

To use your Vakıf Katılım VCard debit/credit card in your transactions, you can call our Customer Communication Center at 0850 202 1 202 or 444 44 77 and get your password using interactive voice response system and make cash withdrawal, cash deposit, balance inquiry, credit card debt inquiry and credit card debt payment transactions free of charge from common ATMs of all public banks.

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