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Investment Funds

You can access investment funds managed by professional portfolio management companies and complying with participation banking principles through Vakıf Katılım.

What is Investment Fund?

Investment funds managed by portfolio management companies are comprised of portfolios which consist of capital market instruments such as shares, lease certificates, repo agreements (sale with repurchase commitment) and gold and other precious metals purchased in return for the amounts received from investors.

What are Daily Investment Fund and Investment Fund Traded with a Value Date?

The funds with “short-term” expression among the funds which are managed in line with the principles and standards of participation banking mean the funds which can be traded in the same day. Other funds are subject to buying-selling with a value date according to the content of the fund portfolio.

You can view all details of investment funds from website. 

What is the content of Investment Funds?

  • You can easily open your investment account from our Mobile Branch to carry out your mutual fund transactions in line with the principles of participation finance system.
  • You can carry out investment fund buying-selling transactions in line with the principles and standards of participation banking from our Branches, Internet Branch and Mobile Branch channels.
  • Investment fund transactions are carried out on TEFAS (Turkish Electronic Fund Trading Platform).
  • Click to view detailed information about investment funds which are subject to trading
  • Your investment funds are under the custody assurance of Takasbank AŞ.
  • Withholding rate is applied as 0% in investment funds.

You can perform mutual fund trading transactions from our Branches, Internet Branch and Mobile Branch.

You can perform trading transactions in investment funds in compliance with the principles and standards of participation banking. Investment funds are traded on TEFAS.

Investment fund incomes are subject to 10% withholding tax. No withholding tax is applied to the investment fund revenues of our corporate customers. Furthermore, the commission at the rate of 0,01% (one per ten thousand) is deducted from investment fund trading transactions. No commission is received from transactions in Ziraat Portfolio 2nd Short-Term Lease Certificate Participation Fund.

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