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Supplementary Health Insurance Supplementary Health Insurance

Supplementary Health Insurance

Take out Vakıf Katılım’s Complementary Health Insurance Policy for you and your loved ones and find health.

What is Supplementary Health Insurance?

It is the health insurance that allows the participant to benefit from private hospitals that have an agreement with SSI without paying any difference and to receive health services of high standards with low premiums. The participant pays only the SSI examination participation fee to the private hospital. For 2021, this amount is 15 TL. Within the scope of the policy, only inpatient treatment coverage (IT) or both inpatient treatment coverage (IT) and outpatient treatment coverage (OT) are offered together (IT+OT).

What is its Content?

Outpatient Treatment Coverages

  • Doctor's examination (10 times a year, excluding control examinations)
  • Diagnostic examinations,
  • Analysis and x-ray,
  • Physiotheraphy,

Inpatient Treatment Coverages

  • Surgical and internal hospitalizations,
  • Intensive care,
  • Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis
  • Small intervention costs,
  • Specialty medical equipment, (30.000 TL per year)
  • Artificial limb, (10.000 TL per year)
  • Standard single private room, meal and one companion expenses,
  • Ambulance,

Who Can Have Supplementary Health Insurance (SHI)?

  • Participants under the age of 59 can be included in the coverage.
  • Children aged 0-5 can only be insured if they get an inpatient treatment (IT) plan and children aged 6-17 can be insured alone.

Children aged 0-5 can be insured together with their parents if they get an inpatient treatment (IT) + outpatient treatment (OT) plan.


  • Premiums are more affordable than private health insurances,
  • It appeals to every income group,
  • It provides treatment in private hospitals with low premiums,

Additional Information;

  • In the event that the general health insurance provided by the SSI is not active, the participant cannot benefit from the policy coverage, once it becomes active, the policy coverage becomes functional,
  • At the end of the policy, the renewal period is maximum 30 days,
  • Inpatient treatment expenses are excluded for 60 days from the insurance start date, regardless of the sudden or accidental occurrence of the illness.
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