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Notice As To The 10-Year Time-Limitation

01 Şubat 2024

As it is known, subject to Article 62 of Turkish Banking Law No. 5411, deposits, participation funds, assets in trust, and receivables held with any bank and which have not been claimed for a period of ten years following the last request, transaction or written instruction of their owners are subject to prescription.

In payments to be made within the scope of insurance, time out provisions under article 62 of Law no. 5411 shall be taken into consideration.

Moreover, subject to Article 8 of the “Regulations regarding the Procedures and Guidelines applicable to the Acceptance and Withdrawal of Deposits and Participation Funds and to Time-Barred Deposits, Participation Funds, Assets in trust, and Receivables” issued by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in relation to the enforcement of the said Article 62 of Turkish Banking Law No 5411, banks are required to announce on their website for a period of four months, starting with February, the list of time-barred deposits, participation funds, assets in trust, and receivables held therewith.

Therefore, it is hereby urgently informed to our customers that: if any of our customers whose name and account information are included in the list below fails to apply to the branch(es), where their account(s) is/are, until June 15, 2024, with their identity documents, their participation fund balances, which are time-barred by the operation of the law, will be transferred to the Saving Deposits Insurance Fund.

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