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PBAT (TKBB) Advisory Board

Within the framework of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Board's decision numbered 7736 and dated 22.02.2018, it was decided to establish a board by the Participation Banks Association of Turkey in order to determine the principles and standards regarding participation banking and that participation banks should comply with the decisions of this board.

This board within the body of TPBA consists of 7 members appointed by the Board of Directors. The four members of the Advisory Board hold a doctorate in Islamic Sciences, and one of them is the candidate recommended by the Presidency of Religious Affairs among the members of the High Council of Religious Affairs, One member has a graduate degree in business, economics, finance, banking, law and equivalent branches and at least seven years of managerial experience in participation banking, and another member has a law degree.

Some of the duties of the Advisory Board are as follows;

  • To determine the professional principles and standards that participation banks must comply with by following the standards published by international organizations in the field of participation banking,
  • To take general decisions in order to eliminate the differences in practice between participation banks when deemed necessary,
  • To evaluate the compliance of the works and transactions of participation banks with the determined professional principles and standards and general decisions,
  • In case of application, to give opinions to public institutions and organizations, professional organizations with public institution qualifications and other institutions within the scope of interest-free finance activities,
  • To ensure that the disputes between participation banks and their customers on matters falling within the scope of professional principles and standards are resolved by the relevant participation bank.