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Installment Virtual POS Installment Virtual POS

Installment Virtual POS

Installment Virtual POS offers installment opportunity to all your customers in e-commerce!

What is Installment Virtual POS?

Virtual POS is a POS software which allows the companies making online product and service sales over the internet to make secure collections from credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards or virtual cards.

Using Vakıf Katılım Virtual POS application, your customers can securely make online shopping over the internet. Card details entered on integration are encrypted with a secure method.

With your Installment Virtual POS, you can offer installment opportunity for all credit cards of your customers.



You can move your sales to internet environment and reach more customers using Vakıf Katılım’s Installment Virtual POS application.

Installment Shopping

Using a single POS, you can offer installment shopping opportunity up to 12 months for your customers who have any of 9 different card brands.

Secure Payment

You can offer secure shopping opportunity to your customers using 3D Secure method.

Regular Collections

You can make recurring collections using Installment Virtual POS.

Product Range

You can receive payments from domestic and foreign cards with Mastercard, Visa and Troy logo. You can make collections from credit cards, debit cards and prepaid cards which are open to online shopping.


You can apply for Installment Virtual POS from the nearest branch to you.

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With Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch, you can carry out many banking transactions from your mobile devices with Android, İOS and Huawei operating systems in a fast and safe manner.

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