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Thanks to e-Financing, our corporate customers complete their financing needs without coming to our branch!

What is e-Financing?

It is a product that allows our corporate customers to complete their financing needs through our Online Branch without coming to a branch, according to their current credit limit and collateral status.

What is its content?

What are the Advantages of e-Financing?

  • You can meet your financing needs quickly and easily without coming to our branch.
  • You can benefit from digital-specific financing rates.
  • You can achieve efficiency in your operational costs.
  • You can follow all your financing processes through our internet branch.

How Does e-Financing Work?

  • With e-Financing limit the corporate entities work with us can obtain the financing information they need from our Online Branch and receive a price offer from our Bank.
  • Our customer selects the products and goods to be funded by accepting the price offer.
  • Information about the seller, the product and goods will be purchased is entered.
  • Our bank presents our purchasing power of attorney to our customer for the products and goods to be funded.
  • With the financing approval, our customer purchases the product or goods.
  • Our customer uploads the invoice and XML information regarding the purchased product or goods to the system.
  • Financing payment is made to the seller under the control of our bank.

What are the Features of e-Financing?

  • Only domestic business financing transactions can be made.
  • Financing opportunity is provided only in TRY.
  • To use e-Financing, you must be a Vakıf Katılım customer and have an active financing limit.
  • Your financing request will be provided within the frame of participation banking principles.
  • Our bank can change the transaction amount, maturity and time interval for 24/7 e-financing according to market conditions.

Our bank reserves its right to freely evaluate financing applications, disapprove applications it deems inappropriate, make changes in pricing and transaction limits. You can visit our Branches for detailed information.