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Commercial Vehicle Financing Commercial Vehicle Financing

Commercial Vehicle Financing

Vakıf Katılım makes the most advantageous offers for those who wish to purchase new and second-hand vehicles.

What is Commercial Vehicle Financing?

Commercial Vehicle Financing is a type of financing that you can use for the purchase of new and second-hand vehicles to improve your operating activities.

What is the content of Commercial Vehicle Financing?

  • It offers repayment options in TL and foreign currency.
  • In vehicle financing operations of commercial enterprises; invoice amount is taken as basis for new commercial vehicles while comprehensive insurance value for second-hand commercial vehicles.
  • In circumstances where the sales value of the vehicle is less that comprehensive insurance value, sales value is taken as basis.
  • In commercial vehicle financing transactions, financing support up to 100% of the invoice/comprehensive insurance value can be provided.
  • In second-hand commercial vehicles, financing support can be provided for the vehicles up to maximum 8 years old.

You can get detailed information from the nearest branch to you.

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