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General Directorate of Foundations Rental Payments General Directorate of Foundations Rental Payments

General Directorate of Foundations Rental Payments

Pay your rents via Vakıf Katılım and benefit from advantageous opportunities special for you.

What is the content of DGF Rental Payments?

Having gathered the foundation culture, which is the significant component of the fair social life for centuries, and the principles of interest-free banking, Vakıf Katılım aims to carry out its operations within the framework of being beneficial for the entire society in line with its mission. Within this scope, as a new generation inheritor of the Foundation Culture, we mediate the rental payments of Directorate General of Foundations which preserves and protects the real estates which are heirlooms of our ancestors.

You can make Directorate General of Foundations rental payments from our Branches, Internet Branch and Mobile Branch, place regular payment orders and benefit from the advantages and opportunities special for you.

Special Advantages Offered for the Tenants of Directorate General of Foundations

  • 5% discount in contracted gas stations
  • Special financing rates
  • Special insurance proposals
  • Cost-free banking services
  • 50% discount in commission fees in investment accounts buying/selling transactions

To benefit from our special advantages and opportunities, you must make your payments through Vakıf Katılım and must have a VKart credit card.

You can visit the nearest branch to you to benefit from special financing rates and special offers for Comprehensive Car Insurance and Compulsory Traffic Insurance, Home Insurance, Compulsory Earthquake Insurance (DASK) and Supplemental Health Insurance and to get 50% discount in investment accounts buying/selling transactions.

You must fill in the Personal Information Form and make application to benefit from 5% discount in Shell and Petrol Ofisi stations throughout Turkey.

Upon your request, the key chain with which you can benefit from fuel discount will be posted to the address you specify. When you receive your key chain, you must perform authorization for your VCard to use the system. You can send an e-mail to e-mail address for your questions.

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