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Gold DDS (Direct Qarz System) Gold DDS (Direct Qarz System)

Gold DDS (Direct Qarz System)

Gold DDS, which is the first in participation finance system, is at Vakıf Katılım

What is DDS (Direct Debiting System)??

It is a system which provides payment guarantee to business and corporate firms dealing in gold sale and which provides convenience in payments to the jewelers which purchase goods from those firms. Transactions are performed in accordance with loan contract; if the customer fails to make payment on maturity date, a finance is provided with zero profit rate through loan.

What are the advantages?

Advantages provided to the parent company:

  • Reducing the exchange risk,
  • Productivity in working capital,
  • Collection guarantee,
  • Operational productivity,
  • Harmonization with accounting integrations,
  • Volume increase in campaigns.

Advantages provided to the sub-dealers:

  • Productivity in operational costs,
  • Automatic financing opportunity,
  • Strong supply relationship,
  • Saving in check, bill, EFT and remittance costs.

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