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DDS with Contribution Margin DDS with Contribution Margin

DDS with Contribution Margin

You can get your DDS collections without waiting for the maturity of the invoice.

What is DDS with Contribution Share?

It is a system where the parent company is provided with the opportunity to make invoice collection prior to the commencement of trading operations and sub-dealers are provided with the opportunity to split into instalments without delay interest.

What are the advantages?

Advantages of DDS with Contribution Share to Parent Company (Seller)

  • Collection guarantee – Guaranteed invoices are paid by our Bank and collection guarantee is provided.
  • Liquidity provision – The parent company can receive cash with desired maturity and dealers have the opportunity to split into instalments.
  • Sale by instalments – Every transaction is split into instalments and dealers are provided with the facility of payment.
  • Increase of volume – Sales campaigns enable increase of volume.
  • Operational efficiency – Since each transaction is systemic, it provides efficiency in operational costs.
  • Accounting integrations – The integration of our corporation to the accounting systems used by the company can be enabled.

Advantages of DDS with Contribution Share to Sub-Dealer (Buyer)

  • Automatic instalment – Instalment without delay interest is possible in cases where the cost is borne by the parent company.
  • Efficiency in operational costs – The entries and collections of the invoices will be carried out over our Corporation’s system and there will be no need to make manual transactions such as checks, promissory notes etc.
  • Strong supply relation – Purchases on instalments will increase the supply capability of the dealers and will create strong supply relation.

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