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Direct Debiting and Collection System, which offers fast and guaranteed collection opportunity, is at your service with its strong infrastructure!

What is Direct Debiting/Collection System?

Direct Debiting/Collection System (DDS/DCS); is a fast and easy-to-use payment system which provides collection guarantee to main dealer for the receivables of the firms making sales through dealer or distributorship network, offers various facilities of payment to sub-dealers and relieves both parties of periodical operational processes.

What are the advantages provided to Main Dealer and Sub-Dealer?

  • Main dealer can collect its receivables on payment date from the current account or DDS limit of the customer.
  • Main dealer is provided with Vakıf Katılım’s guarantee for future-dated invoices entered within the scope of sub-dealers’ limit and is enabled to send goods to the sub-dealer.
  • Processes such as check, bill or taking security etc. which cause work load on main dealers are eliminated.
  • It can be integrated into accounting systems used by the main dealer and it offers daily operation cost advantage for the main dealer.
  • Main dealer and sub-dealers are notified of transaction results via SMS or e-mail messages sent by the system.
  • Main dealer can easily make product or service payments from its account automatically or by using funds within the scope of DDS limit in a fast manner.
  • It enables the sub-dealer to save the costs for check, bill, remittance and EFT.
  • It ensures easy management of cash flows for sub-dealer and main dealers.

You can easily carry out your DDS transactions from our Internet Branch in a fast manner.

As a parent company, you can view;

  • Invoice uploading process,
  • Invoice report,
  • Dealer code updates and dealer code entries,
  • Invoice updating process,
  • Dealer limits and allocation terms,
  • Working conditions of the parent company.

As a sub-dealer, you can;

  • Access to invoice report,
  • Carry out invoice early payment transactions,
  • View working conditions of sub-dealer.

Persons authorized to carry out relevant transactions;

  • Fully authorized user – authorized to carry out any and all transactions.
  • DDS-DCS (Officer) – can view the account but cannot carry out transactions other than DDS.
  • DDS-DCS (İzletici/Displayer) – cannot view the account but can only carry out DDS transactions.

You can visit our branches or submit your demands to with respect to Direct Collection System (DCS) and Direct Debiting System (DDS).

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