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All of its capital belongs to fused(mazbut) foundations managed and represented by the Directorate General of Foundations, Bayezid Han-ı Sani (Bayezid the second) Foundation, Mahmut Han-ı Evvel Bin Mustafa Han (Mahmut the first) Foundation, Mahmut Han-ı Sani Bin Abdulhamit Han-Evvel (Mahmut the second) Foundation and Murat Paşa Bin Abdusselam (Murat Pasha) Foundation.

Our Vision is

To become reference institution in Participation Banking.

Our mission is

To ensure the development and growth of Participation Banking by taking power from Foundation Culture.

The paid-in capital of Vakıf Katılım is 14.635.000.000,00 TL.

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The affiliated companies of Vakıf Katılım are Vakıf Varlık Kiralama A.Ş. and Katılım Varlık Kiralama A.Ş.

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The General Assembly Meetings are held within 3 months following the end of each financial year as per Article 409 of TCC.

You can reach Investor Relations department from e-mail address and at +90 (216) 800 34 13.