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Frequently Asked Questions About Participation Account

If you currently have an account at Vakıf Katılım, you can open a Participation Account through Internet and Mobile Branch without going to any branch.

Participation Accounts can be opened with a term of 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 1-year and with profit share payment with more than 1 year. Participation Accounts can also be opened with flexible term with minimum 32 days.

You can withdraw cash from Participation Accounts without terminating the term within the scope of limits determined by account type and the profit share is calculated over the remaining amount at the end of maturity period.

The profit share revenues generated from Participation Account can optionally be added on participation account balance or transferred to private current account.

You can open more than one participation accounts from Vakıf Katılım branches and through Internet and Mobile Branch channels.

You can display your accounts on all state bank and PTT ATMs free of charge by selecting the accounts that you wish to display from our Branches, Internet Branch and Mobile Branch. You can also block the accounts that you don’t wish to display.