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Frequently Asked Questions About MobildePOS

All enterprises which use POS device to make their collection transactions can use Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS product.

  • The contracted merchant’s official or officials who wish to use Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS can visit our branch for the purpose of signature of the contract and user definitions (admin and user definitions).
  • User name, terminal number and temporary password are sent to mobile phone number and e-mail address of the contracted merchant’s official.
  • Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS and Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS PIN applications are downloaded from the relevant application store. Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS users can make user activation in line with the details sent to contracted merchant’s official.
  • Following the completion of these 3 stages, our contracted merchants can use their mobile phones as POS device.
  • Our contracted merchant can practically make “sale”, “return”, “cancellation” and “report” operations using Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS.
  • As a result of collections via Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS application, shopping “slip” is sent to e-mail address or mobile phone number of the shopper.

Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS is able to make collection up to 250 TL while Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS PIN application which can be downloaded from application store and integrated with Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS application allows collections above 250 TL.

“Vakıf Katılım MobildePOS”, which turns android smart phones with Near Field Communication (NFC) feature into contactless POS device, enables the receipt of payments from contactless debit cards and credit cards within the scope of transaction limits. Therefore, workplaces can get rid of POS device costs and enjoy instant and safe collection of the expenditures made through authorized users.