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Frequently Asked Questions About Cash Register POS

The firms which are obliged to use a cash register POS device must purchase Payment Recording Device which is compatible with Vakıf Katılım’s application.

Some taxpayers are obliged to use cash register POS as per Law No: 3100 on Obligation of Value Added Taxpayers to Use Payment Recording Devices published by the Revenue Administration

As per the relevant article of the Law; first and second class merchants, except for the ones exempted by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, who sell the products or offer the services to end customers are obliged to use payment recording devices in retail sales of goods and services.

You can purchase cash register pos devices compatible with the legislation from authorized dealers or e-commerce websites of the device producer.

You can apply to our branches to install the application on Cash Register POS Device that you purchase. Following the completion of application process, Vakıf Katılım’s PRD (ÖKC) application is installed on your device as soon as possible and then you can use your device.