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Frequently Asked Questions About Stock Certificate

You can place your stock orders via our Internet and Mobile Branch. You can also send orders via the Vakıf Investment Order Line on 0850 222 77 72.

If there is no gross trade measure on the sold stock, you can purchase new stocks.

When a stock in your portfolio makes a paid capital increase, the right to preference is indicated on your account. If you want to participate in the paid capital increase, you just need to keep the paid capital increase amount in your investment account. If you do not want to participate in the paid capital increase, you must sell your right to preference indicated on your account on the dates when the right to preference coupon market is open.

You can transfer the stocks in your portfolio to another institution by filling out a wet-signed printed form at the Vakıf Participation Branches.

The withholding rate is applied as 0% on stocks other than investment trusts (10% withholding on income).