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Frequently Asked Questions About Secure Vehicle Purchase and Sale System

The system can be used by people who want to buy and sell used vehicles. Transactions can be initiated digitally, not only individually, but also as a commercial user. Secure Vehicle Purchase and Sale System is not used in new vehicle registration processes.

In order to use the system, the Seller must be a Vakıf Katılım customer, the Buyer does not have to be a Vakıf Katılım customer.

The Seller and the Buyer will be able to make the cancellation process from the system before the registration from the Notary. The registration process must be carried out at the Notary until the end of the working hours of the business day following the day of the application. If the registration process is not completed, the transaction will be canceled automatically and the amount pending in Vakıf Katılım Secure Payment Account will be returned to the Buyer's account.

In case of cancellation, the sale amount is returned instantly if it is sent by remittance, and during the hours when the CBRT system is open if it is sent by EFT. If the EFT deadline has passed as of the moment of cancellation, the refund will be processed within the next business day and the Buyer/Seller will be informed via SMS. In case the cancellation is made after the end of the business day, the sale amount will be returned to the account that the Buyer has entered into the system and to which the purchase price has been sent, until 10:00 on the next business day at the latest. In refund transactions, it is determined as the end of the working hours until 17.00 on full days and until 12:00 on half days.

The Buyer and the Seller may cancel their transactions before the notary public receipt of the Vehicle Sales Contract is issued and the vehicle is registered in the name of the Buyer. The right of withdrawal cannot be exercised after the registration of the vehicle before the notary public.

The accounts of the Buyer and the Seller must be TL drawing accounts, not blocked and not joint accounts. No transactions can be made on accounts that are not of this nature.

With the monitoring status prepared in the relevant fields in the Internet Branch and Mobile Branch for the Seller and the Buyer, the stage of the transactions can be followed.