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Frequently Asked Questions About KOLAS-Easy Addressing System

TR Identity Number, Foreigner Identification Number, Tax Identity Number, Mobile Phone Number, Passport Number and E-Mail Address information can be defined as Easy Address.

You can perform your Easy Address Definition transactions at any time through our digital channels.

According to the rules applied by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, a customer can have a maximum of 5 Easy Addresses. You can also define your information, which can be defined as an Easy Address, to a single account or IBAN. For example, you can define your Vakıf Katılım account or IBAN to both your e-mail address, mobile phone number and TR identity number.

Only one account or IBAN can be defined for one of the information that can be defined as an Easy Address. For example, you can define your e-mail address in one of all your bank accounts. You can update or delete the Easy Addresses you have defined at any time from our Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch or Internet Branch.

Currently, KOLAS can be defined only for TL current accounts. In the coming period, KOLAS will also be used in EFT, and it will be possible to define account currencies other than TL and can only be used between accounts at our bank.

Our bank does not charge any fees for the Easy Address Definition process. Free definition can be made to the account number or IBAN you wish.

If money is to be sent to KOLAS, which is defined to the recipient's GSM, while sending money via FAST using Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch, you can make an easier money transfer by clicking the "+" icon and selecting the phone number from your directory.

With the Easy Addressing System, “Easy Address Definition, Easy Address Update, Easy Address Deletion, Easy Address Query, Recipient Query” operations can be performed.

Yes, it can be defined. For example, by defining a second e-mail address to the same IBAN or a different IBAN, the Easy Address information in the same category will be used for the second time.