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Frequently Asked Questions About KAD-SİS (Jeweler Gold Valuation System)

In order to make transactions, you must have a gold current account at Vakıf Katılım.

ADNs are jewelers contracted with IAR (Istanbul Gold Refinery) within the scope of the KAD-SIS project. Value determination of gold is made by the Gold Valuation Point and reported to the institution via KAD-SIS.

After 7 (seven) days of blocking, you can convert the gold in your account into Turkish Lira at any time, keep the gold in your current account or increase its value by depositing it into the gold participation account.

The valuation transactions to be made in ADNs will be carried out under camera recording.

You can check and sign the information form and the delivery receipt report. With the SMS code from our institution, you can confirm that the transaction belongs to you and complete the transaction.

After the transaction, the amount of gold deposited in your account will be notified to you by incoming SMS.

It is deposited into the account as 995/1000 g pure gold.

Transactions will be carried out completely free of charge.

Click to view the nearest Gold Valuation Point to you.

All deposits and participation funds, except those belonging to official institutions in the custody of credit institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are insured by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

Except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, the total balance of current and participation accounts up to TL 650.000 is covered by insurance.