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Employer Group Pension Contract (İGES) Employer Group Pension Contract (İGES)

Employer Group Pension Contract (İGES)

Your employees are provided with special advantages with Employer Group Pension Contract where the safe future of your employees are thought and contribution margin is paid by the employer.

What is the content of Employer Group Pension Contract (EGPC)?

Thanks to Employer Group Pension Contract, corporations can raise the life standards of their employees and ensure the employee satisfaction. Employer Group Pension Contract increases the motivation and loyalty of the employees to the corporation and contributions paid on behalf of the employees can be deducted from the corporation tax at certain extent.

Vesting Period;

Vesting Period is the amount of time in which the employees who are included in Personal Pension System with corporate contribution are required to work to be eligible to receive the contributions paid by the employer on behalf of them. This period cannot exceed 7 years from the entry date of the participant to Group Pension Contract and the vesting period is determined by the corporation.

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