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Liability Insurance

Things that we cannot control do occur in life! In situations where precautions taken are not sufficient, you can secure your liabilities with Vakıf Katılım’s comprehensive liability insurance policies.

What is the coverage of Employer and 3rd Party Liability Insurance?

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Secure your employees, beneficiaries and yourself, as an employer, against potential occupational accidents with Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Coverage: It is a liability policy which covers the indemnities demanded by the workers connected to the employer with a service contract and subject to Social Security Law or by their beneficiaries and further covers indemnity claims above or outside the scope of benefits provided by Social Security Institution in circumstances where the employer is held responsible as a result of occupational accidents that may occur.

Supplementary Coverages;

  • Supplementary Coverage for Claims for Immaterial Damages
  • Supplementary Coverage for Assignment with Domestic Mission
  • Supplementary Coverage for Occupational Accidents Occurred Abroad
  • Supplementary Coverage for Occupational Diseases
  • Supplementary Coverage for Mass/Public Transportation
  • Supplementary Coverage for Contractor and Subcontractor
  • Supplementary Coverage for Treatment Costs of Private Hospitals

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3rd Party Liability Insurance

The damages to third persons caused by the fault of insurant are covered by the Third Party Liability Insurance.

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