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Export Financing

Export Financing support is at your service at Vakıf Katılım.

What is the content of Export Financing?

You can get financing that you need to purchase raw materials and intermediate goods for your manufacturing works through our Bank.

Exim Insured Export Financing

It is a type of financing which contains the acceptance as collateral of the export receivables which are within the scope of Short Term Export Credit Insurance (KVİKS) regulated between Eximbank and our exporter customers and which have been transferred to our Bank with Letter of Assignment and Loss Payee Endorsement and provision of financing to our exporter customers. This financing can be secured by Eximbank insurance policy in two ways:

1) Establishment of guarantee on the basis of loading or buyer with Letter of Assignment,

2) Collateralization of all receivables with Loss Payee Endorsement additional policy. (In this method, Vakıf Katılım Bankası A.Ş. must be annotated in Loss Payee section in inaurnce policy.)

In the event of such annotation; our Bank will be able to secure all the receivables under this policy. Within the scope of KVİKS program, all the shipments with maturity up to 360 days of our exporter customers to the buyers with approved limits in countries accepted by Eximbank will be accepted as collateral. It will be possible to provide funds by accepting the export receivables insured by Eximbank and export receivables on basis of relevant shipment as collateral.

Eximbank Pre-Shipment Export Cash Finance (TL, USD, EUR)

It is a financing program in which our Bank’s guarantee is provided to your company in our financing product and our Bank acts as a party to and intermediary for the financing allocation processes to increase your contribution to our national export. You can apply to this program through our Bank.

With the source provided by Export Credit Bank of Turkey (Turkish Eximbank) within the scope of Participation Banks Pre-Shipment Export Credit Program, our customers can use the cash funds provided within the scope of this program in order to meet their financial needs during the pre-shipment period. Cash financings to be provided within the scope of Participation Banks Pre-Shipment Export Credit Program are offered in TRY/USD/EURO currencies and you can apply to the credits to be provided within the scope of the protocol with 120, 180, 360 and 540-day short-term maturity options through our Bank.

Export Foreign-Currency Loan

Exporters, manufacturer exporters, manufacturer firms producing goods for export and companies having foreign exchange earning service income, which are residents in Turkey, can make use of this product through our Bank with advantageous profit share rates, especially in short-term options, in order to meet their pre-export financial needs with respect to domestic and foreign purchase of goods.

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