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KOSGEB Backed Financing KOSGEB Backed Financing

KOSGEB Backed Financing

You can view and get detailed information about our financing support product required by SMEs with the cooperation of Vakıf Katılım and KOSGEB.

What is KOSGEB Backed Financing?

We facilitate access to financing with KOSGEB programs which will strengthen our SMEs which are significant actors of the real sector. Thanks to our cooperation with KOSGEB, we provide non-refundable incentive support in financing costs of SMEs.

What is the content of KOSGEB Backed Financing?

The objective and Definition of the Program

With SME Financing Support Program; it is intended to provide financial support to SMEs under favorable conditions, to help them overcome financing problems, to increase their production, quality and standards, to create employment and to compete in international level.

In SME Financing Support Program, profit share support is provided to enable our customers to get financing under favorable conditions.

SME Financing Support Program contains the types of financing below;

  • Business Finance,
  • Machine and Equipment Financing,
  • Emergency Support Financing, 

The profit shares of the financing used by the enterprises that are registered and active in the KOSGEB Database, the SME Information Declaration is updated and defined in the Program are supported as non-refundable.

  • Entrepreneur businesses – Active enterprises which set up its business with KOSGEB support, strategic,
  • Enterprises which benefit from Technology Focused Industry Move program, enterprises in priority sector,
  • Enterprises which benefit from Technology Focused Industry Move program.

An enterprise can benefit from this support for 3 years. Following the end of this 3-year period, support program can be reinitiated.

Emergency Support Financing is a loan program to be applied at local level in circumstances such as natural disasters, fire, terrorist activities etc. and it is not required for the enterprises to be defined in program. It is only certified by the relevant Governorship/District Governorship that such enterprise is affected by such circumstances.

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