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Loan Against Electronic Warehouse Receipt Loan Against Electronic Warehouse Receipt

Loan Against Electronic Warehouse Receipt

Loan Against Electronic Product Certificate is our loan product which enables our farmers to get financing against their EWRs.

What is Electronic Warehouse Receipt?

Electronic Warehouse Receipt (EWR) is a certificate issued against agricultural products delivered to licensed warehouses and represents the details of the products stored; which is kept by Central Registry Agency (MKK) in electronic environment and which can be traded in authorized commodity exchanges.

  • To provide the loan, a pledge will be established on the relevant certificates in order to meet the working capital needs of the manufacturer or merchant customers who hold Electronic Warehouse Receipt.
  • If the financing process continues following the maturity of EWR; then EWRs will be turned into cash and the security deposit will remain as cash blocked.
  • The market value of the EWR will be determined based on actual price in relevant exchange market and financing will be provided up to 70% of that price.

What are the advantages of EWR?

  • Products are stored in healthy and safe environment.
  • Products are classified by product quality based on standards.
  • Products can be used as investment instruments and marketed at actual value.
  • Tax exemptions and tax incentives within the scope of regulations on promotion and support of licensed warehousing by public.

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