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Ferah Card

Split your cash expenditures into installments and make your payments easily.

What is the Ferah Card?

Single payment purchases that you make with Vakıf Katılım’s Ferah Card are split into installments with the previously agreed profit share and maturity in compliance with your ability to pay. Using Ferah Card, you can meet your financial needs with respect to the purchase of goods and services for your company without the need for going to the branch.



Using Ferah Card, you can split your cash purchases into installments as you wish.

Contactless Transaction

Ferah Card is printed as chip card special for your company and is delivered to your address. Ferah Card has Troy logo on it and has contactless payment feature.

Easy Tracking

All the expenditures that you make for your company on a monthly basis are turned into a single financing. So, more than one payments can be monitored from a single point.

Flexible Maturity

When you wish to change your payment terms, you can change the installment options of your Ferah Card.

No Annual Card Fee

No annual card fee is charged for Ferah Card.

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