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With Vakıf Katılım’s p@ket e-Management Platform all your banks are on one screen! Manage all financial transactions of your business on a single platform.


Vakıf Katılım p@ket is a comprehensive solution designed for businesses to easily manage their financial and commercial transactions on a single digital platform. This platform offers many services such as e-Invoice issuance, payment tracking, inventory management, open banking integration, and e-Commerce order management. Thus, businesses can perform all their transactions quickly and efficiently from a single platform. Click here to apply and benefit from the campaign.

Campaign conditions and pricing table

  • Applications can be made on our corporate web page.
  • Our campaign is valid for the stone package tariff and the extra amount will be paid by the customer when one of the upper packages is preferred.
  • The tariff price for any upper package will be collected in advance.
  • Annual 1.000 e-Invoice/e-Archive/e-Dispatch credits will be given as a gift.
  • Each customer can benefit from the campaign maximum one time.
  • For your questions about the Stone package tariff you can get support by calling our p@ket Customer Contact Center at 0850 242 72 58.
  • For your questions about p@ket e-Management Platform you can contact our p@ket Whatsapp Support Line at 0850 242 72 58.
  • Only Vakıf Katılım customers can benefit from the campaign.
  • Our prices shown in the table are our standard prices and there will be no customer-based changes.
  • The tariff validity period is 1 year after it is defined.
  • Vakıf Katılım’s IBAN number must be written in the first place in sales invoices.
  • The revenues generated from the CepPOS product is transferred to the Vakıf Katılım account on the next day.
  • Vakıf Katılım reserves the right to stop or change the terms and conditions of the campaign.
  • You can get detailed information about the campaign by calling our p@ket Customer Contact Center at 0850 242 72 58.

Services offered to the customers within the scope of “p@ket"

You are in control of your invoices; you can both easily and practically issue invoices and also have access to the invoices at any time you wish. Control of paid/unpaid invoices, submission to the Revenue Administration, all are at your fingertips.

  • Issue Invoice
  • View Incoming Invoices
  • Check Payments
  • Track Your VAT
  • Make Practical and Fast Queries

Monitor your current accounts, stock movements, current cash status, incoming and outgoing invoices. Track your inventories and costs and maintain your profitability. p@ket e-Management enables you to deliver accurate and fast data to your customers with its detailed reporting screens.

  • Share Current Statement
  • Current Risk Card
  • Detailed Stock Movements
  • Collection on Invoice
  • All Your Companies in the Same Application

You can view other bank account movements and account details on a single application and perform many operations such as issuing and tracking invoices with p@ket.

  • Instant Account Movements
  • Match EFT with Invoice
  • Automatic Bill Payment
  • Find Invoice over Transactions
  • All Accounts on a Single Platform
  • Bank Transactions
  • Account List
  • Account Activity
  • Convert to Invoice

  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Send Payment Link
  • Calculation Tools
  • Special Rates for You
  • In Your Account the Next Day


Single Screen Management

You can view all your bank accounts and POS transactions on a single screen.

Saving of Time

You can perform all your financial transactions on a single platform.

Easy Integration

You can easily manage e-Invoice, e-Archive, and other digital documents.

Mobile Compatibility

You can access from anywhere with p@ket mobile application.

Instant Tracking

You can instantly track bank account movements, EFT/Remittance Transactions.


You can download your account transactions in Excel and PDF format and simplify your reporting processes.

Package Detail

Campaign Packages
Stone (1000 Credits Free, Free of Charge) Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Premium
e-Documents Included Included Included Included Included Included
Pre-Accounting Included Included Included Included Included Included
Web Included Included Included Included Included Included
Open Banking Included Included Included Included Included Included
Cep Pos Included Included Included Included Included Included
Order Pool Included Included Included Included Included
Payment by SMS Included Included Included Included Included
Invoice via SMS Included Included Included Included Included
Market Place Included Included Included Included
Bank Account Movements of Multiple Companies Included Included Included
Stock Barcoding Included Included Included
Market Place Product Delivery Included Included Included
Warehouse Inventory Management Included Included Included
e-Reconciliation Included Included
Production Recipes (MRP1) Included Included
User 1 User 5 Users 5 Users 10 Users 20 Users 50 Users
Credits 1000 Credits /Year 1000 Credits /Year 2000 Credits /Year 3000 Credits /Year 5000 Credits /Year 10000 Credits /Year

Vakıf Katılım p@ket is free of charge. However, some special services and package tariffs are charged. For detailed information about paid packages and services, you can visit Vakıf Katılım’s official website or contact customer service. Thus, you can choose the most suitable package for you and get more comprehensive information about the pricing details of the services.

You can apply for p@ket services from Vakıf Katılım Branches,, or our p@ket mobile application.

Yes, our p@ket services employ the highest security standards. We use advanced encryption technologies and multi-factor authentication systems to secure your data.

Customers using financial seal/e-Signature can make a voluntary transition to e-Invoice.

You can switch to the p@ket e-Management Platform without disrupting your current order. You can use your free credits by opening only the Outbox without opening your Inbox. Thus, your incoming invoices will continue to be received by your current application. Additionally, you can transfer your existing current account list and stock list to the p@ket application.

If you wish, you can use POS or bank integration without performing e-Document activation. It is not required to use all functions in the p@ket application at the same time.

If you issue invoices from the p@ket application and send them to the Revenue Administration, our invoice downloader software, which allows you to download the issued invoices, is provided free of charge to you and your financial advisor upon request.

You can upload your existing stocks to the p@ket e-Management platform, and if you choose the Gold Package or above, you can produce your barcodes directly through the p@ket application.

Thanks to the "Barcode Scanning with Camera" feature in the p@ket application, you can receive orders from your mobile phone, issue dispatch notes, and even create a retail invoice and send it to the Revenue Administration with a single click.

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