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Check/Note Collection Check/Note Collection

Check/Note Collection

You can perform check/bill collection transactions through Vakıf Katılım


  • Based on accounts to be opened at Vakıf Katılım, you can receive a check book and make your payments with check without experiencing cash shortage.
  • You can collect other bank checks from Vakıf Katılım’s all branches.
  • You can benefit from our intermediary services for the collections of notes on which you are Payee.
  • If you mainly make your payments with check, you can benefit from continuous form check software. The software enables you to produce your checks automatically.

Continuous Form Check Printing Software

Thanks to check printing software equipped with many functional features, you can print your checks in bulk.


  • Check entries,
  • Registering new firms during check entries (optional) and reminding the registered firms,
  • Check repetition (copying the same check with given maturity intervals),
  • Auto-complete of the frequently used check fields,
  • Reminding and suggesting the entries in text fields,
  • Bulk printing of checks listed after given filtering criteria,
  • Printing of the physical check serial number on check by specifying the initial and final serial number of the check roll (optional).
  • Reporting based on maturity, transaction date and reference number,
  • Exporting and importing data.

System Requirements;

  • A personal computer with Windows XP or above operating system.
  • Laser, inkjet or dot matrix printer.

You can download continuous form check printing software from the links below.

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