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Fast and Easy Payment on E-Commerce Web Sites Fast and Easy Payment on E-Commerce Web Sites

Fast and Easy Payment on E-Commerce Web Sites

Fast and Easy Payment on E-Commerce Web Sites are at Vakıf Katılım!

Fast and Easy Payment on E-Commerce Web Sites

Customers who do not want to share their credit/debit card information in their e-commerce transactions, do not have a credit/debit card or cannot make their payment transactions using a credit/debit card due to a limit problem, can perform their transfer transactions with Vakıf Katılım Fast and Easy Payment.

What is its Content?

There are 3 different remittance alternatives in payment options.

1.Payment by QR Code

You can perform your payment transactions quickly and easily without the need for your card information for your e-commerce purchases that you can make on your computer, by selecting Vakıf Katılım Fast and Easy Payment from the remittance options, and having the QR code scanned from your Mobile Branch.

2. Payment by Internet Branch

Instead of having a QR code scanned, you can directly connect to your Internet Branch and complete the payment quickly and easily.

3. Payment by Mobile Branch

In cases where you carry out your e-commerce transactions over the phone, you can complete the remittance process quickly and easily by being directed directly to our Mobile Branch at the time of payment.

Points to be considered:

  • QR code payment service is only available on e-commerce web sites that have a contract with ComPay.
  • Payment is made only from TL current account.
  • It must be expected to return to order screen from QR code screen following the payment transaction on contracted e-Commerce website

Contracted e-Commerce website:


Download Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch Now!

With Vakıf Katılım Mobile Branch, you can carry out many banking transactions from your mobile devices with Android, İOS and Huawei operating systems in a fast and safe manner.

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