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Lease Certificate (Sukuk) Lease Certificate (Sukuk)

Lease Certificate (Sukuk)

It is an investment instrument that provides fixed returns in the medium and long term.

What is a Lease Certificate (Sukuk)?

A lease certificate (Sukuk) is a security issued by an asset leasing company to provide the financing of all types of assets and right, ensuring that the owners are entitled in proportion to their share of the income obtained from this asset or right. Lease certificates provide investors with a definite leasing yield that they will receive at the end of the maturity period before the investment. It is an investment tool that provides a fixed return in the medium and long term.

What is its Content?

Issuance and Trade of Lease Certificates

Investors can participate in our lease certificate issuance through our Branches, Internet Branch and Mobile Branch on the announced request collection dates.

The issued lease certificates are traded on the BIST Borrowing Instruments Market and can be traded on the second-hand market. According to the needs of investors, if they wish, they can completely or partially turn their lease certificates into cash before maturity through our Branches, Internet Branch and Mobile Branch, and make purchases and sales.

Taxation of Lease Certificates

Income from the trade of lease certificates and payment of rent by limited and fully responsible natural persons, as well as foundations, associations, and similar legal entities, is subject to 5% income tax withholding. Withholding tax at the rate of 5% for natural person investors is the final tax and is not included in the annual income tax return.

For joint-stock, limited liability and commandite companies, investment funds and investment trusts subject to the CMB; foreign funds/partnerships similar to these and those determined by the Ministry of Finance to be similar, income tax withholding is 0% for incomes from the trade of lease certificates and rent payments. Withholding paid is deducted from the calculated corporate tax.

Tax rates can be updated by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

Lease certificates can be carried out in the form of public offerings and issuance to qualified investors. Even if you are not a qualified investor, you can make purchases from lease certificates issued in the form of a public offering by opening an investment account.

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