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Profit Sharing Financing (Life) Insurance Profit Sharing Financing (Life) Insurance

Profit Sharing Financing (Life) Insurance

You can take out a finance-related Profit Share Financing (Life) Insurance from Vakıf Katılım and save your loved ones from the debt burden that may arise.

What is Profit-Sharing Financing (Life) Insurance?

Depending on the financing used from Vakıf Katılım, it is the life policy type whose financing period is the policy term and the financing amount used is the collateral amount, which includes the payment of the financing debt to Vakıf Katılım by the insurance company (Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik) in case the participant dies or becomes disabled as a result of an accident during the policy term, and payment of the remaining amount to the heirs in case of excess balance. The policy can be issued with only death coverage and death + permanent disability coverage.

What is its Content?

  • Click here to access the general conditions of Life Insurance.

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